Dynamic Interplay ~ Asana & Pranayama

“Practice of asanas is very important to derive benefits of pranayama. Once the body is under control, the spine firm and nerves calm, one can start pranayama.”- BKS Iyengar

Open to all levels - Join David for an afternoon workshop to experience how asana (yogic postures) create the foundation for pranayama (yogic breathing) by deepening our capacity for generating and distributing bioenergy (prana) through out our bodies.

The workshop will also bring clarity to how pranayama infuses our asana practice energetically while taking us further along the path of Yoga.

This rejuvenative 3-hour workshop will include asana and basic pranayama techniques.


About David - An ardent practioner of Iyengar Yoga for more than twenty-five years, David's depth and passion for the subject shine forth brightly in his teaching. He is an Iyengar certified instructor based in San Francisco and teaches both nationally and internationally. David has apprenticed under Senior Instructor Manouso Manos since 2000, and continues to travel regularly to India to study directly with the Iyengar family.





Iyengar Yoga workshop schedule for 2014

Ongoing Iyengar Yoga Workshops w/Brian Hogencamp, Certified Junior Int. III

Saturdays 3:30-6:30pm,

2014 Schedule:
Jan 18, Feb 15, Mar 8, Apr 12, May 10, Jun 7, July 12, Aug 2, Sept 6, Nov 15, Dec 13..

This series of classes will offer a progressive study of asana, yoga sutras, and pranayama.

Brian is building upon what was taught in previous classes, giving students the opportunity to learn the layered depth of BKS Iyengar's ingenious method.

Teachers encouraged to attend as the structure of these workshops and Brian's experience is fertile learning ground for teachers who want to expand their field of experience.

Students should have 1 year minimum in BKS Iyengar's method, as these workshops are graduations from our ongoing Level II/III classes.

$50 Drop In / $130 for Series of 3 Workshops

Please Pre-Register - Space is limited to 25 students





w/ John Smith


Mysore Self-Practice:

Mon - Thurs 7-9am

Led Primary Series: Sundays 8-10am


The Mysore Room gives students a very special experience, where John guides students one by one in the ashtanga-vinyasa system of yoga.

The self-practice context offers a quiet, clear refuge for students to come together in practice at their own individual pace and rhythm.


John Smith is a long-time student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India and maintains a caring, attentive presence in the Mysore practice room.


John's special ability to work individually w/ students in an encouraging and challenging way is creating a strong gravity for local practitioners to develop in the Vinyasa Method. Come see what this practice is about...








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