Foundation, Intensity, Purpose...

An Iyengar Yoga course w/ Brian Hogencamp




Sun. Oct. 11th, 1-3:30pm


Sat. Nov. 21st, 3:30-6pm


*See dates for 2016 on Trainings/wkshps page!


This course will introduce a range of intermediate asana and include pranayama as well.

2 years consistent experience with Iyengar method of yoga recommended.

Drop-in students welcome and encouraged.

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First Announcement:


200hr. Teacher Training w/ Tony Briggs

starting Jan. 2016


see Trainings/wkshps page for details!


Iyengar Yoga workshop with Tessa Manning


Yoga for Scoliosis, Sat. Sept. 26th, 2:30-5pm

This workshop will empower you to take charge of your own back to improve posture and reduce pain and discomfort associated with scoliosis. $45

Tessa is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and an avid practitioner.

Tessa has used Iyengar Yoga to help treat her scoliosis. She teaches in a way that is safe, assessable, and compassionate- providing individual attention to each student.


Intermediate Yoga workshops w/ Erick Thuss

Sat. Oct. 24th, 2:30-5pm

*Dates for 2016 on Trainings/wkshps page!

Erick is a student of Manouso Manos, and the Iyengar family of Pune, India. Erick's teaching is creative and lucid, and ignites the student to explore inward.





Exciting News!

200hr. Teacher Training w/ Mirka Kraftsow starting Jan, 2016,

see trainings/wkshps page for details!



Healing & Self-care sessions for summer...


Sun. Sept. 27th Lower back, knees, hips, 2-5pm

$60/drop-in or $55/ Pre-Registration @ the studio




Mirka Kraftsow is a highly gifted teacher who is known for creating a sacred atmosphere in the yoga room. Her approach will center around a creation of what is called Sangha, or the coming together of community for the pursuit of a transformational/spiritual endeavor.









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