Iyengar Yoga

Intermediate Course 2015

Foundation, Intensity, Purpose


A LEVEL III Intermediate Course with Brian Hogencamp (Junior Int. III)


Sundays 1-3:30p Feb-Nov 2015, $445/course, members receive 10% discount.


February 8th,
March 15th,
April 12th,
May 10th,
June 21st,
July 12nd,
August 16th,
September 13th,
October 11th,
November 22nd

The course will cover the range of intermediate asana including inversion variations, arm balances, and body knotting; supine and seated pranayama; and philosophical concepts as expounded upon in the writings of B.K.S., Geeta, and Prashant Iyengar. Throughout, the aim will be upon recognizing the bhavana or the feeling imparted by each asana in order to build a fund of experiential knowledge - for practice and experience of the essence on one's own.

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February 2015

Growing as a Teacher, a Mentorship Program w/ Tony Briggs

A 6 week course, Wednesdays 1:30-3:00pm,

Starting date: February 4th

Cost: $300 please pre-register


*see Trainings/workshops page for details...

This is a chance to study directly under the watchful eye of a well-schooled senior yoga teacher, helping you to clarify your personal vision of teaching yoga, how to sustain your intentions skillfully, and how to inspire your students and deepen their learning.

We will closely examine and practice the skills of seeing and adjusting, using verbal instruction, sequencing, classroom assisting, and more.





Mirka Kraftsow
- Yoga Therapy & Self Care Course


January 10 - Self Care

January 24 - Hips, Pelvis & Sacrum

January 17 - Neck & Shoulders

January 31 - Healing Breath: stimulate & balance the Vital systems



Mirka Kraftsow is a highly gifted teacher who is known for creating a sacred atmosphere in the yoga room. Her approach to the study of the Yoga Sutra will center around a creation of what is called Sangha, or the coming together of community for the pursuit of a transformational/spiritual endeavor.









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